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Established in 1975, the Vika Group has since its establishment, and has owned a number of group members in the business field, committed to introducing advanced technologies and products at home and abroad, and successfully opened up a number of global commodity trading businesses for the group. The group's business scope includes the research and development and sales of German automation equipment, the world's largest optical disc equipment production line, real estate, ore, fresh air, water purification, and intelligent technology.


Familiar with the knowledge of storage media production, the group began to represent the German optical disc production equipment in 1996, and quickly won the trust and praise of customers. Until 2013, the Group sold more than 1,200 optical disc duplication production lines and related equipment in mainland China and Hong Kong, which became an indicator of the optical disc industry.


In addition to acting as an agent for optical disc equipment, the group also established its own optical disc production plant. Production of various formats of discs including pre-recorded CD, DVD, BD Rom and recordable CDR, DVDR, BDR, and master disc production. In addition, the group has real estate investment projects in Guangdong, China. With the rapid growth of the Chinese economy in the past 15 years, Vika has successfully developed 4 real estate projects. And will develop more projects with development potential and strategic investment in different cities and provinces in China. Since 2011, the group has been committed to exploring new areas of natural resource commodity trading, including natural copper ore business and stone trading. The group has a strong sense of global trade. Considering to provide suppliers and distributors with better and more immediate support, the group has established offices in the Philippines and Xiamen, China.


In the new century, in order to adapt to the continuous change of economic model, Vika Group is also continuously expanding its business, developing potential business investments, and creating more opportunities for customers.

The milestones

Since the establishment of the Vika Group, its members have continued to develop and expand their businesses. From the familiar optical disc storage media industry and the investment in real estate projects, to the natural mining business in recent years and the more technical touch screen industry, it is sufficient to prove the Vika Group, the experience and the strength of its members:



E-VIPO cooperates with many famous brands and enters rapid development


For medical-level disinfection and sterilization equipment, further research and development of disinfection and sterilization devices suitable for different medical levels, and obtain the nationally approved "Sanitation License for Disinfection Product Manufacturers"

Successfully obtained Passive House Fresh Air Installation Certification and obtained German PHI Certificate



Reached a strategic cooperation with the National Green Construction Commission on the passive house project



Establish offices in Dubai, India, Philippines and other countries



Created E-VIPO Smart Fresh Air Brand, and fully entered the field of air purification


Aiming at the problem of air pollution, use the rich experience of German technology to develop and produce fresh air filtration and purification equipment and sterilization devices





Established Vika Huicheng (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary in Dongguan, China to produce glass printing automated production equipment and robotic automated production equipment



Construction of the industrial park in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China officially started


Started production of touch screen sensor modules


R&D and production of large-capacity CD storage




Established an office in the Philippines to enhance the development of local copper mines and other natural mineral businesses


Set up an office in Xiamen, China to actively develop stone trading business including marble, granite and agate stone, etc.



Successfully develop copper and other natural minerals business in many Southeast Asian countries



Put into Blu-ray Disc equipment and establish full production in China and Hong Kong, including pre-recorded BD ROM, recordable BDR and BDRW



Set up a joint venture with a German listed company in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China to establish an automated machinery and equipment production and processing plant



Successfully sold and installed the 1,000th CD production and related equipment



Introduced pre-recorded DVD and recordable DVDR disc equipment and established full-scale production in China and Hong Kong




Introduced recordable CDR optical disc equipment and established full-scale production in Hong Kong


Began to invest and participate in Chinese real estate projects



Successfully sold and installed the first CD disc production equipment in Hong Kong, and gained a reputation in the optical storage media industry. It not only sells disc production equipment, but also the entire production process, becoming a professional that can provide customers with comprehensive technology and production solutions supplier



Put in the first CD production equipment and production in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China



Started the production of video tapes in 1976, and exported the products to the world



E-VIPO CARE, a brand under E-VIPO, specialises in producing particle filtering medical mask. Vika Intelligent Technology produces in-house melt-blown fabric to make sure the quality of the masks. The workshop has disinfection cleanroom and fully automatic production lines. E-VIPO CARE masks have met the standards of CE EN149 FFP3 FFP2 / EN14683 TYPE IIR / ASTM F2100 Level 3, certified and tested by SGS and INTERTEK. The company has been assisting the demand from health care services.



Started production of audio tapes in 1976, and exported products to the world